The SMP Russian Circuit Racing Series (SMP RCRS) is an official championship, promoted by SMP Racing, motorsport development program in Russia and approved by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. It consists of seven events, which take place from April to October in 6 regions of Russia: Grozny, Sochi, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Smolensk and Moscow regions. Cars of 12 different brands fight for a win in 6 different classes. There are around 10 races over each racing weekend.

In the 2018 season, there were 97 drivers representing 28 teams.

Touring class switched to TCR regulations in the year of TCR Internatilonal Series debut and grew year after year. Started with 3 SEAT Leon cars in 2015 now it has 25 cars of 6 brands on the grid.

So let's define the terms: Touring is the name of the premier class of the Russian championship that include 7 events at different race tracks, while TCR Russia is a competition approved by FIA for all drivers with an international license. Only 5 of 2019 Touring seven events will be opened to international competitors; those at Fort Grozny and Kazan Ring were not included because these racetracks have not been licensed by the FIA.

Still you are very welcome to watch all Touring races and cheer Russian heroes who are well known in Europe: former FIA WTCC driver Aleksey Dudukalo, FIA ETCC winner Dmitry Bragin, ELMS champion and 24 hours of Le Mans prize winner Kirill Ladygin, TCR International Series participant Mikhail Grachev and former GP3 Series driver Ivan Lukashevich. And don't forget about young gun Klim Gavrilov who started the new racing season with a win at TCR Italy event at Monza!